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We see a problem…

In school, teachers teach at a speed that suits everyone. 

Often, this speed suits no one.

Some students feel hopelessly stuck in a never-ending game of catch up,

Others are left frustrated and worried at a lack of progress…


Students realize this problem and put their head down…

They work harder at home, put in more hours than ever before,

Stop their extra-curriculars and hope for the best.

Then when their grades don’t improve, they lose confidence and give up


As a parent, you hate seeing this and you’ll do whatever it takes to help.

After a quick online search for grinds and private tutors,

You find a few options and you’re immediately taken aback.

“Why is everyone asking for my money? I just want to find a good tutor!”


Here at PrivateTutors.ie, we share your feelings.

We believe education should be about making a difference, not making a profit.

That’s why we’re leading the way with our 0% commission platform,

And attracting the best private tutors Ireland has to offer!

Qualified Educators

Secondary school teachers who love to teach


Awesome individuals with real-world experience

High Achievers

Top scoring students with first-hand experience

Passionate Hobbyists

Because education is about more than exams

As easy as 1, 2, 3…

Here you are, an awesome supportive parent about to begin your search for a dedicated and reliable private tutor. It may sound like a big task, but the good news is you’re already halfway there!

Here are the 3 steps to easily find the best private tutors on our site…


Free Resources

Many of our exceptional private tutors submit notes and blog posts to us. We thoroughly review them, and only the best make it onto our site.

These awesome private tutors are given full credit for their work. So, you can easily find links to their profiles from their blog posts or notes.


Browse Private Tutors

We make it simple for you to find your perfect private tutor. You can apply subject, availability, language, and location search filters.

Then you’ll see our tutor profiles which can be differentiated by number of stars, highlighted borders, verified qualifications badge, and top tutor badge.


Arrange a meeting

Once a tutor has caught your eye, send them a message and arrange a quick chat. Our private tutors look forward to hearing from you!

If the first tutor you choose doesn’t 'click', feel free to choose another. At the end of the day, your child’s education is the #1 priority.

Meet The Experts

Here are some recommended private tutors…

Carla Houston

My name is Carla. I am a bilingual person, I speak fluently both English and French since I was a child. I completed half of my academic path in English, and I graduated with a bachelor in commerce, major in finance degree.

Kaitlyn Kristy

If you want to learn fast and easily from beginner to advanced I am your teacher. If you want to have fun while learning English I am your teacher!
My goal is that each student can leave class with something learned to practice for homework. That way, in each lesson we will learn something new in relation to the previous one.

John Doe

Hi! I am a native English Teacher experience of all levels from complete beginners to proficiency level, working as an IELTS, CAE & CPE Tutor & Course Writer. I taught Primary & Secondary School students for the British Council, and worked in their exams services ...