About Private Tutors

We’re on a mission…

We’re here to streamline the tedious tutor finding process,

And make quality education accessible for more hardworking students.

See, we want to achieve our huge dream of…

Helping 100,000 students by 2030!

We’ll need your help, but we want to lead the way when we say;

“No dream is too big”


Good news is, we aren’t all talk

Our Private Tutors platform is completely commission free,

Attracting the best private tutors who share our vision.

By getting 100% of their earnings, our tutors also help you save.

To make things better, we are driven by our mission and don’t stop there!

Below are some more things we’re doing to improve our industry

About Us - Private Tutors

Why Choose Private Tutors?

Free Study Resources

Some exceptional private tutors submit their notes and blog posts for added visibility to their profiles. We carefully review every single word and only the best resources are published. This way your child can start learning before you even hire a private tutor!

Pre-Sorted Profiles

To save you time, we have an automated star system that ranks each tutor based on their completed profile. On top of this, we manually check any submitted qualifications and award ‘verified qualifications’ badges. Tutors can also invest in upgrading their profiles.

You Will Be Heard

Whether you come across a terrible tutor or a terrific tutor, we’re always here for you at team@privatetutors.ie. We award a One4All gift voucher to the private tutor with the most / best reviews each month. Please let us know if you’ve found a superstar!

Absolutely No Commission Fees

We give our private tutors every opportunity to help their students achieve results. We believe that there’s no better way than to let them know they are appreciated. So, instead of rewarding ourselves with a cut of their hard work, our tutors get 100% of what they earn.

Qualification Checks

At Private Tutors, we manually check each submitted qualification. Once we verify a tutor’s qualification, they’ll get a ‘verified qualifications’ badge on their profile. We delete our copies of their qualifications, but you can find the names of them on their tutor profile page.

Communicate Freely

Unlike other tutor platforms, we are driven by making positive impacts on students’ lives. Not profit. We are confident that you share our vision for quality education. So, we don’t force a new unnecessary learning curve upon you or limit your conversations to our website. 

How it Works?


Yes, you read that right, free! Many of our exceptional private tutors submit notes and blog posts to us.

We thoroughly review them and only the best are published. These awesome private tutors get full credit for their work. So, you can easily find links to their profiles via their blog posts or notes.



We make it simple for you to find your perfect private tutor. You can apply subject, availability, language, and location search filters. Then you’ll see our tutor profiles which can be further differentiated by…

  • Number of stars
  • Highlighted borders
  • Verified qualifications badge
  • Top tutor badge



Once a tutor has caught your eye, send them a message and arrange a quick chat. Our private tutors look forward to hearing from you!

If the first tutor you choose doesn’t 'click', feel free to choose another. At the end of the day, your child’s education is the #1 priority.



Create your Private Tutors profile for free. It’ll be like your online teaching CV! The more detailed your profile, the better your star ranking. So, don’t be afraid to show off your achievements.

We want the best for you to motivate and inspire. We strongly recommend submitting your qualifications as well. That 'verified qualifications' badge is very attractive to parents!



More links to your profile means more free advertisement! If you have any notes or blog posts you would like to share, please check out our 'boost my profile' page. If we accept and publish your work, you’ll get full credit, links to your profile, and a short promotional paragraph written by us!



With Private Tutors, you’ll get a personalized URL. This took us a long time to develop, so please use it! It’s really an awesome thing to have on a business card or CV.
Once you have happy parents, get them to send us a review or testimonial. At the end of each month the tutor with the most / best reviews gets a One4All gift voucher and a dedicated blog post all about you!

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