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Other platforms ‘award’ their best tutors by taking a 10% cut.

It’s just not fair, and we’re here to change things!

At Private Tutors, our mission is to;

Help 100,000 students by 2030…


It’s a huge dream and we’ll need your help.

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Benefits for our Private Tutors

Private Tutors Benefit #1

Absolutely No Commission Fees 

We’re sick of seeing established companies take advantage of their diligent tutors. So, we’re here to lead the way and change things. Our private tutors get 100% of their hard-earned cash.

Private Tutors Benefit #2

We Reward Our Tutors

At the end of each month the tutor with the most / best reviews submitted to gets a One4All gift voucher and their own dedicated blog post written by us!

Private Tutors Benefit #3

Get A Reliable CV Reference

You can submit your notes or blog posts to increase your profile’s visibility. If they get published, we’ll write you a short promotional paragraph for parents to see. You can quote this testimonial as a reference on your CV.

Private Tutors Benefit #4

No Platform Restrictions

Nowadays there are just too many messaging platforms, that’s why we chose not to have our own. As a result, parents contact you using the details you’ve provided, and you get to keep your valuable connections.

Private Tutor Benefit #5

Unparalleled Support

To aid you on your tutoring journey with Private Tutors, We have in-depth blog posts and a FAQ page. If these don’t answer your questions, we’d love to hear from you! Simply drop us an email at

Private Tutors Benefit #6

Targeted Advertising

All our advertising is targeted at parents and potential students, not tutors. So, the fact that you found this page means you have a huge ‘early adopter’ advantage. If a friend referred you, be sure to thank them sincerely!