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You want more students, you want more money, and you want to make a difference. Sound like you? Perfect, you’re already one step closer to what you want! However, if you’re serious about getting more students, be prepared cause there’s a lot of ‘hard work’ coming your way. Don’t worry though, it’s a walk in the park compared to the Leaving Cert!

Now, it all starts with eyeballs. Parents’ eyeballs to be specific. More parents seeing your name = more parents reading your profile. More parents reading your profile = more parents contacting you. More parents contacting you = a greater chance of you getting more students. You get the point…

 “Sounds, but where do I start?” If you haven’t already, we highly recommend sharing your Private Tutors profile. Get your parents or colleagues to join in as well. Share it everywhere! We promise your ‘Aunty Mary’ or ‘Uncle Joe’ will know someone who knows someone who is looking for a Private Tutor. Trust us on this one, it’s the easiest option

If you prefer being more ‘low key’, we’ve also got you covered. Just means you’ll have to do a bit of the hard work we were talking about before. See, we’ve modelled Private Tutors on the saying “The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.” So, here are two ways you can attract more parents to your Private Tutors profile…

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Submit Your Quality H1 or H2 Notes


A lot of people see the value in submitting their best notes. After all, a few minutes of organizing them could mean one, two, three, or even more students for a year. Then they’ll spread the word and the possibilities are endless…

Who doesn’t want hundreds if not thousands of euros for a few minutes’ work?

Unsurprisingly, we consistently run on a backlog of submitted notes. However, a lot of these notes are not up to the exceptional quality we want to uphold. So, sorry, pictures of your handwritten notes won’t make the cut. We only publish notes that are typed out, well formatted, and contain decent graphs, charts, or diagrams

Yes, it’s a lot to ask for but trust us, students and parents will judge you based on your notes. Well-organized notes automatically show them that you are a trustworthy and dedicated private tutor. Sometimes parents will be ready to pay you a premium even before reading your profile. On top of all these benefits, we’ll throw in a short promotional paragraph for you as well. You can even quote us on your CV! So, why not put your notes to good use?

Now before you reorganize your notes, we’d like to recommend the following free tools to help you. These OCR (Optical Character Recognition) apps let you take a picture of your handwritten notes and automatically have them converted into text. The process isn’t perfect yet so you will have to go over the converted text to check for typos and do some formatting.

Our recommended OCR apps are Microsoft OneNote, Google Drive & Google Lens, and CamScanner.

To keep the profile links valuable, we try to not have any overlap of notes on our website. So please only submit something that hasn’t yet been submitted or something that you’re sure is better than our existing notes. We also put a small Private Tutors watermark with your name on all notes. This is to keep reminding the students where they can find you…

 If we find that your notes are the crème de la crème, we may want to sell them instead of offering them for free. This would be because we see their value and know that they’ll be better appreciated as a paid resource. If we do decide to sell your notes, subject to your agreement of course, you’ll have two options…

  • Profit-sharing model where you get a percentage of each sale
  • Get paid up to €100 for your notes

For both options, we’ll send you a short contract, you’ll get full credit and you can proudly call yourself a Private Tutors team member!

 When you’re ready to submit your notes, please send us an email to team@privatetutors.ie and include ‘Here are my AWESOME notes’ in the subject line. If attached document is too big, you can upload it to Google Drive and share a link instead…

Publish a Blog Post


While our notes are aimed at students, our blog posts are aimed at parents. Through your published blog post(s) you get to show off your personality, meaning parents who click into your profile are 100% more likely to hire you.

One published blog post is the equivalence of more than 5 sets of published notes…

That’s not all.

On top of the multiple links to your profile, you get a dedicated promotional paragraph from us which you can quote on a CV, and you can proudly call yourself a writer/blogger for Private Tutors.

After all, it’s hard work to get your blog post published!

See, we keep our profile links as valuable as possible and have a limit of two tutor-written blog posts per month. The blog posts that do best are the ones that are aimed at parents. We know writing a blog post takes time. Pitch us your idea before writing, just in case someone else is working on the same article. Please send us an email at team@privatetutors.ie and include ‘I’ve an AWESOME blog idea’ in the subject line…

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We always prefer articles that have more than 1000 words, and include relevant pictures (try Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash for free stock photos). Please also include some bullet points of things you would like us to highlight in your dedicated promotional paragraph!

We thank you in advance for all your hard work and look forward to attracting more parents to your profile!