Private Tutoring: The Best College Job

Private Tutoring The Best College Job -

 At Private Tutors we attract the best. Our tutors are qualified educators, high achievers, professionals, and passionate hobbyists. So, while being a secondary school teacher with years of experience helps, it certainly is not a requirement…

We resonate with GradIreland’s private tutor job description. Here it is…

“Private tutors don’t have to be a qualified teacher but should provide a service that helps students make significant progress in their study and learning. They provide tailored tuition and may offer specialist skills, methods or approaches to support individual learning needs.” – GradIreland’s Private Tutor job description

Basically, anyone with a skill that they’re willing to share is worthy of becoming a private tutor. So, moving on from the technicalities, we truly believe that private tutoring is the #1 college job. Here’s why…


Best College Job Reason #1

Make Bank

Sorry for being blunt, it was the best way to attract your attention. Anyways, it pays to be an excellent private tutor, especially if you already have an impressive track record…

Being a private tutor means you can cash in on your years of hard work while getting paid more than twice as much as typical minimum wage jobs. That means you’ll only have to work half as much. Then the rest of your time can be spent spending your ‘hard-earned’ cash!

Oh yeah, did we mention you won’t have to scrub toilets or clean up puke?

Best College Job Reason #2

Make a Difference

It can be difficult to stand out in college, right? There are probably hundreds of other students in your course, and you’ll all be going for the same jobs. Sometimes you may even be left questioning your worth…

As a private tutor, you bring incredible value to the world. With your help, students can achieve greater things and you can really shape their future. Improving their grade by a few points could be all it takes for them to get into their dream course…

You’ll be more than just someone else who brings students through questions and exercises. You’ve just been through what they’re going through. You’re their role model. The person your student looks up to. We mean it when we say you can change their life!

Best College Job Reason #3

Solidify Your Own Learning

Let’s say you’re studying business in college. Wouldn’t tutoring Leaving Cert business or accounting help your own learning? If you’re studying a language, wouldn’t tutoring in that language help you?

There are countless more examples, but the point is; private tutoring can help you with your own learning as well!

Aristotle puts it best…

 ‘Teaching is the highest form of understanding.’

Best College Job Reason #4

Valuable Connections

Nowadays it’s very important to have strong connections. You know that. A good word could be all it takes to land you your job. On a side note, you should get your parents to share your Private Tutors’ profile with their friends. You never know who is looking for a private tutor…

Back to the point. Through your teaching, students and parents will be able to see your true character. They’ll see that you go above and beyond. They’ll see that you are truly exceptional

At the end of the year, you should always ask for a recommendation. It will be invaluable for you in the future, trust us. In the future if you happen to apply for a job in their company, they’ll know you personally. They won’t have to think twice about recommending you for the job!

Best College Job Reason #5

Develop Your Soft Skills

We’re talking soft skills. Communication, goal setting, adaptability, patience, and much much more. As we’ve said before, private tutors are role models

We wrote a separate article on the skills you develop as a private tutor. This way you won’t have to spend hours scouring Google trying to figure out which soft skills you have. So, for a quick CV worthy list of private tutors’ soft skills, check out this article!

Best College Job Reason #6

Perfect For Your CV

 Private tutoring is (literally) the perfect thing to put on a CV. See, private tutors basically run their own business…

You get experience dealing with customers in the form of parents and students. You hone your planning skills. And you get really good at communicating with people. All of these things are sure to impress your future employers!

Best College Job Reason #7

Choose Your Hours

Compared to all the above perks of being a private tutor, this one may seem insignificant. But still, who doesn’t like having the freedom to choose their own hours?

Private Tutors Mic Drop

 Wow, thanks for staying till the end!

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that private tutoring is the best college job. If you disagree, let us know in the comments below!

Oh yeah, because you’ve read this, we’d like to extend our warmest welcome for you to join our mission to positively impacting 100,000 students by 2030. (That’s if you haven’t created your own Private Tutors profile already!)

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